Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Homemade Christmas

I love making gifts for people. I tend to get in over my head, but it always feels so great to give someone something that I've created. Right now I'm definitely in over my head, but I wanted to post Everett's completed projects. My mom got him some Perler beads a while back, and he wanted to make things every day. We were busy during nap time for a few weeks with his creations. He's used up most of the beads, and I think I've done more ironing in the past month than throughout the rest of my married life!

Everett decided to make Christmas gifts for his sisters, grandparents, and some of his cousins. Since most of the recipients don't look at the blog, I figure it's okay to post a picture here. I also wanted Gracie to be able to see Everett with her gift since she lives so far away.

DSC01574 Everett's gifts

It was Everett's idea to make the necklaces with the three diamonds. He wanted to make princess necklaces for the girls.

We were making a heart for Andrew. After we had finished a small heart, Everett asked me if Andrew was a baby or a big kid. I said he was a little younger than the girls. Everett said, "Mama, we have to make it bigger so he can't eat it!"

He is so excited about these gifts that it took some persuasion to get him to wait until Christmas to give them away. He has already given away lots of his creations.

Monday, December 8, 2008

What It's All About

For FHE tonight, I shared story of the Nativity with the children.  They each got to hold pictures and really seemed to understand what I was saying, and get a feeling of the significance of it.  Then we set up our Nativity scene.  I love watching their sweet faces reverently looking at each piece.

Afterwards, we put on our own little Nativity scene.  Gwyn dressed as Mary, Everett as Joseph, Lana and Maddie as two shepherds.

DSC01547 Nativity 2DSC01549 Nativity 3 DSC01550 Nativity 4


Yep, that's me--at least about some things. I set a new record this week. I washed one load of laundry three times. We had another *ahem* incident, and I had to wash all of the girls' bedding on a day other than laundry day. So I put the load in and forgot about it. Maybe I remembered it once or twice, but not when I could go throw it in the dryer. So the next day I remembered it was down there, but by that time I had to wash it again. Then I did the same thing again. Why do I have such a hard time with this?

I guess this is one reason why I do my laundry one day a week, and get it all done. Otherwise I would waste a lot of water and wear the clothes out pretty fast. Anything that gets washed on another day usually sits clean and unfolded in a basket until laundry day comes around again anyway. I have to have a set day for these things.

I am also little Mrs. Scatterbrain when it comes to meat that has to be thawed and takes time to cook. It takes me at least an extra day to remember to get the meat out to thaw, and then an extra day to remember to start cooking it in time for dinner. So I guess if I want to do a roast or a chicken or turkey, I better plan on making it about a week before I really want to eat it. Or maybe I better just buy them the morning I want to cook them! Maybe I need to start a day for that too.

I get the important things done, but sometimes I feel really pathetic!