Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Our Story" by Cary, to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies"

Well let me tell a story ‘bout a man named Cary
Poor college student very far from sedentary
Then one day he saw a pretty head
And the next thing you know those two lovebirds were wed

(That Mandy-gurl wasn’t just pretty ya know…charming,
brilliant, musical, and not bad at whack-a-mole either…)

Graduation came and then they moved to Pennsylvania
To study more and work, and to be close to her ma
One year out on an exchange to a school in French Paree
They had a baby boy and grew their family

(Everett that is…nine pound galoot he started out…now at 4
he’s spiky blond just like his dad, and sweet just like his ma…)

Back home in the States our 3 now want to be 4
So while dad’s studying life at home won’t be a bore
Then one day the ultrasound techie
Said “Whoa! you ain’t havin’ 1, you’ll be havin’ 3!”

(Triplets that is…all girls…life changing? You bet: minivan,
stretch-limo stroller, and an industrial-sized dumpster for
all the diapers…Church, family and neighbors all pulled together
to keep the family sane, clean, fed, and rested during the
first few months…What a blessing!)

Well Cary’s still workin’ toward his PhD
And Mandy’s Supermom, like we all knew she would be
Our hands are full but happy and for that we praise the Lord
‘Cuz we know forever families are His promised reward.


MaryBeth said...

You guys are talented and funny!! Love the song... hope I'll be able to get it out of my head sometime soon.

thedietrichs said...

cute, cute. I love looking at your blog. Boy do kids grow up fast.
Loves from the Dietrichs

Rachelle said...

Very clever! I loved it. Your kids are adorable.