Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did you know…

…that the correct response to “Capisce?” (cah-PEESH)  is “Caposh.”?

…that “pupcakes” are really yummy?

…that you can be in trouble or you can be in “big BAD trouble”?

...that the opposite of a “slow poke” is a “fast poke”?

…that it can be “the BEST DAY EVER!” almost every day?

…that I love being a mom?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fish and Life Lessons

My parents went on a trip in January, and we volunteered to fish-sit for them.  My mom decided to actually bring the fish to our house (which was quite an endeavor since they need a rather large tank).

DSC02839She brought the fish, and since there were four, the kids each named one.

Gwyn called hers She She

Maddie named hersSusan Franklin

Lana called hers Sally jumps into the sky

and Everett’s was Charlie”.


The kids enjoyed watching the fish and really looked forward to feeding them.


The fish returned home to Grandma’s house after a few weeks, but the kids remember “their fish” and are happy to see them each time we visit.

On Sunday when we arrived at Grandma’s house, she informed Cary and I that “Susan Franklin” had died.  She asked us how we wanted to handle it, and we thought it would be good for the kids to know about it, and help bury the fish.

Mom told the kids what had happened, and then asked what we do with a dead fish.  Lana piped up and said “We eat it!”Lana cried right away when she actually saw the fish though.

Then she consoled herself with the idea that the fish would be “resurrected after three days”.  (We’ve been teaching them a lot about why we celebrate Easter lately, but it seems we have a little more to teach.)

Grandma has promised to buy a new fish for Maddie to name.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Today I came across some pictures that we had made and hung on the wall of Lana's room at the feeding clinic. These things still have the power to move me to tears.

She was there in April of 2009.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kill the wabbit…

Last night we had a family home evening lesson on choosing good music.  We told the children that some songs have a message that is not good, and that even though they may not understand what a song is about, it is important to only listen to the good songs.  We would help them to choose until they were old enough to choose for themselves.  I also played a couple of different songs for them to illustrate how different music makes you feel different.  We listened to a hymn, and ended with “Ride of the Valkyries” by Wagner.  I picked the children up one at a time and helped them “fly”around the living room like superheroes.

Right before bed.

Needless to say, bedtime did not go very well last night.  Silly me.  I should know the power of music!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

as little children

Matthew 18:3  “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

This time of year, the PTA offers classes after school.  Cary wanted Everett to take the basketball class.  Everett had his heart set on magic class.  They were on the same day, and we didn’t want basketball to feel like a punishment, so magic it was!

Two classes have been held so far, and Everett is really enjoying them.  Everett has learned some simple tricks, and how to make a dog and a bumblebee with balloons.  He proudly demonstrates each trick and practices it repeatedly.  Everett brought his bumblebee home on Monday, and on Tuesday while he was at  school Lana and Gwyn accidentally popped it.  Lana knew that Everett would be unhappy, and was so upset about it that she was in tears.  I suggested that maybe the girls could use their money to buy Everett some new balloons so that he could make another bumblebee.  They jumped at the idea, and Maddie even offered her dollar to help out.

We went to the store, where we bought balloons and a pump for Everett.  The girls each spent $2, which is all the paper money they had.

When Everett came home from school, Lana and Gwyn immediately told Everett that they had broken his bee and that they were sorry.  He burst into tears.  Then they gave him the balloons and pump and his tears became tears of joy.  There were hugs and smiles all around.  Everett quickly made a balloon animal for each of his sisters, and then one for himself.  He hasn’t taken much of a break since then.  There are probably 15 balloon animal in the playroom right now.


We have had family home evening lessons on love and repentance, but there is nothing like a real application to teach these things to your children.  I got all teary myself.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Baby

0326111544 blogI’m really enjoying every stage of Emma’s development.  Most recently she has become quite the chatterbox.  On Wednesday, Cary was holding her near the family picture in our living room when she caught sight of it and started laughing and talking up a storm.  Last night after I saw to her needs, we heard a full half-hour of “Ah bah bah baahh.”  Unfortunately, this lengthy serenade took place around 1:30 AM.  While the timing was not optimal, it was definitely preferable to crying.

Emma has also discovered her feet.  When I put her in the bathtub, she thinks they’re the coolest thing ever!  She makes me smile.

Monday, March 21, 2011


My little girls are getting big.

Maybe it’s because I have Everett, who is so smart and obedient and two years ahead of them, but I still think of them as little girls.

Spending some time with a newborn in the hospital definitely made them (especially Lana) seem bigger when I came home.  One night last month I heard Maddie crying.  I went in to comfort her and was rather surprised when I picked her up.  Kids always feel different when they’re really relaxed, and she just felt huge.  But what really got me was when I watched an extra kiddo one day.  He is two years old and suddenly my girls looked like big kids.  I’m not just talking about size.  There is quite a difference between seeing an infant next to your other kids and a more independent little two-year-old.  I expected them all to just play and have fun together, but the girls were probably more like little mothers than peers that day.

On March 1st, my “little” girls turned 5.

In August they will all go to kindergarten.  All day.

On Sundays we always invite my parents over for dinner.  We really enjoy this time with them.  Currently we are using some time after dinner to record my dad’s personal history.  I mentioned that he hadn’t talked about getting married or having kids yet, and he said that raising children had been a wonderful stage of his life.  That hit me pretty hard.  Right now it is easy to feel like raising children is my life.  But it is only a part, and it passes so quickly.  I find great joy in being a mother.

We went for a family walk yesterday, and the girls said that Grandma has no kids.  I said, “Sure she does!  I’m her kid.”  They said they meant little kids.  I told them that someday they would be all grown up and I wouldn’t have any little kids any more.  Their response: “But then you’ll be a grandma.”

I hope so.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh Deer.

On October 29th, a deer hit Cary.  Cary was going about 65 mph on a major road when the deer attempted to jump from a bank over two or three lanes of traffic.  (“I believe I can fly!” is a song phrase that comes to mind.)  The deer had grossly overestimated its abilities, and landed right on our van.


When I saw where the deer hit, I could tell that Cary had been protected that day.  The deer could have easily gone right through the windshield and killed him.  Instead, the deer hit and then flew up over the van.  Cary was unharmed.  There were shards of glass in the van, but the windshield held together.  The van was drivable, and since most of the windshield damage was on the passenger side Cary was able to see clearly, finish his commute, and teach his classes for the day.


I am so glad that I still have my husband.  We all said prayers of thanks.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I brought a box of baby toys down from the attic yesterday. Today I walked into the livingroom to see Lana and Maddie, each with a pile of baby toys in front of them. They had carefully divided the toys up, and Emma was looking at the box.

Monday, March 7, 2011






It all happens so fast!  When did my babies get so big?

Friday, March 4, 2011

The bunkbeds are done!

I hoped for success with this project, but I have been so giddy as I’ve actually seen it come together!  (Ask my kids.  I was actually jumping up and down.)  A real carpenter would probably laugh at me, but I’m pretty proud of myself.

0228111922a0301111112a03021122170304111609 0304111932

I cut the boards Saturday and put together the bed on Monday.  On Tuesday (the girls’ birthday), Cary helped me sand it and I started staining.  At some point, I realized that I wasn’t going to finish it that day.  And I really needed to get ready for the birthday party that would happen the next morning! 

FYI, possible side-effects of building a bunkbed while also trying to take care of 5 children may (and did) include:

  • a house that looks like a small but powerful tornado was unleashed within

  • a lack of bathing, resulting in undesirable body odors

  • mild sleep deprivation

So I stopped staining and started trying to reclaim my home, shower, go shopping, bake cupcakes, make food, and prepare games for the party.  (More on that later.)

On Wednesday, we had a nice party and I took some time to just be mom again.  Cary helped me finish the staining that evening.  On Thursday, he helped me put on the polyurethane.  Today I installed the hardware for the plywood mattress supports and Cary sanded the boards so they fit just right.  I was so glad to have his help!  It is hard to find time for things like this while taking care of the kiddos I did most of the work while Emma was napping and after the kids were in bed.

The girls are thrilled with their new bed.  The only problem was that no one wanted to sleep on the bottom bunk!  We had some tears over that, but will be switching bunks fairly frequently for a little while to give everyone a turn.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm stepping it up!  I used a saw yesterday.  Normally I stick with tools that can't remove limbs or digits, but I'm determined enough to overcome my phobia.  It was actually kind of fun except for the dust part.  (I had to do it indoors because the weather hasn’t been great and I’m on a time crunch.)  I’m making a triple bunk bed for the girls’ birthday.


I made my plans a while ago, but just bought the wood on Thursday.  That was an interesting experience.  I gathered my supplies and ordered wood at the project desk at Lowes.  An older man at the desk asked me who was going to build it.  I told him that I was.  He looked at me and I could almost read the thought, “But you’re a girl!”  It seemed like those I talked to there were surprised that I actually knew what I wanted and had my plans in order.  I don’t have experience, but I do have a good brain, so I’m hoping this will turn out well.  We shall see!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emma and her nicknames


It took a while to come up with Emma's name. (We had chosen two girls' names before we knew we were expecting triplet girls and had a hard time coming up with a third one.) I checked some name books out of the library and started looking through them. I made a short list of possibilities, but nothing was really standing out. Then one day when I was looking through the name books, I came across the name "Emma" and had a very strong feeling about it--so strong that it actually brought me to tears. "I guess that's her name" was my immediate thought. It's not something I would have picked on my own, but it is right.

Cary and I narrowed the middle name down to Brynn and Faith, and went with "Faith". It reminds me of Cary's grandmother's middle name, which is "Fay", and means something on its own as well.

Emma Faith Campbell was born on November 12th after a very stressful pregnancy, weighing just about 7 lbs.  Her first cry released all of the burden of worry I had carried for nine months and longer, and I cried along with her for joy and relief.  After that, it really didn't matter how labor had gone or what previous loss and heartache had been like. She was a crowning blessing that healed me. Her smiles continue to do so.


DSC02740b   DSC02759DSC02761DSC02760

Sometimes we call her Emma. Sometimes we refer to her as "the kid". I also call her baby, sweetie, sweetheart, or pookie. (Cary doesn't approve of that last one.)

Friday, February 25, 2011

What has happened since August 17th 2010

Well, in case I never actually "catch up" here, I'll at least list the important happenings!


We took a day trip and a little vacation
Everett started first grade
I was big


Cary defended his dissertation
Everett's school went on strike
Cary and I went to the temple
I got bigger


the girls started preschool
Trick or Treat!
A deer hit Cary
I got even bigger


Everett turned 7
Emma was born
I didn't get much smaller :)


Cary's parents came for a visit
Emma was blessed
I got older (32)

2011 so far:

I'm getting back to my normal self, emotionally and physically. I'm getting adventurous with cooking. The kids are getting cuter (but that's normal). Life is busy and joyful. I count my blessings every day.