Wednesday, September 16, 2009


…the girls have decided that it is no longer challenging enough to do one puzzle at a time.  It is MUCH more interesting to dump out ALL of the puzzles at once and THEN put them together again (with some encouragement/coercion).   Apparently, it’s time to move the puzzles to the basement for a while!

Friday, September 4, 2009


The kids and I really enjoy going for walks together around the neighborhood.  The only part I don’t enjoy is a few houses down from us.  There are three obnoxious dogs there who run up to the fence and bark and growl  loudly until we are well-past.  I was afraid of dogs as a child (and still am sometimes), and don’t trust them not to bite curious little fingers that might get too near the fence, so I usually cross the street to avoid them.   Sometimes we walk right past them.  The last time we did so, three of my children walked by quickly.  Lana, however, stood there with a determined,  indignant look on her face.  “Stop it doggies!  STOP IT!”

The dogs stopped when we were near the edge of the fence, and Lana turned back to say “FANK you.”

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Conversations from the back seat

Maddie: I’m big.

Gwyn: I’m big too.

Maddie: No, you’re little.

Gwyn: No, I’m big.

Maddie: No, I’m big, and you’re little.

Gwyn: I’m big and you’re big.

Maddie: You’re little.

Gwyn: I’m big.

Me: Girls, that’s enough!



Gwyn [whispering]: Say “You’re little.”


Gwyn: I like to suck my thumb.

Maddie: I like to suck my finger.

Gwyn: You should suck your thumb.


[Uh… Girls, if you’re old enough to talk about it, shouldn’t you be old enough to stop?]

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Princesses

So, the day the girls turn 3 1/2 is a good day to write about their 3rd birthday, right?


This year, back when it was their birthday, I decided to give each girl their own special day.  I kept it low-key, but they really did feel special!  They got to choose a pretty dress and tiara to wear, go on a one-on-one outing with me, have a “Jell-o cake”, and open a gift.  I even granted their wishes—sort of.  Lana got a toy dinosaur, Gwyn toy horses, Maddie a toy airplane, and Everett got to eat Jell-o three days in a row!

Lana (“baby A”)


Gwyn (“baby B”)


Maddie (“baby C”)


We also decided to splurge and take them to Giggles and Smiles at the mall.


These girls sure LOVE dressing up.  I love how simple little things make them so happy!


Here are some photos from our family party (yes, I have way too many photos—three birthdays you know!):


Happy un-birthday my little sweethearts!