Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Favorite Park

When we moved here, one of the first things we did was look on Google Earth for all of the nearby green spaces.  We’ve checked them out, one by one, and found our favorite.  Because we are restricted somewhat in our activities by Lana’s feeding times (which give us about a two-hour window), I have tried to take the kids to a lot of fun places close to home this summer.

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This time we were happy to have Grandma, Great Grandma, and Aunt Jo with us.  We played on the playground for a while, then went down the trail to the stream.  I think the kids could have a ball just throwing rocks in for hours if I let them.  We also waded, and saw a salamander, a frog, and a dead crawfish, so it was an eventful day!


Lana, Everett, Gwyn, and Maddie  (Everett’s goatee is made of mud.)


Six-Pack Momma said...

Sounds like a blast! Is it just me, or does Maddie look like Lana in that picture?

MaryBeth said...

That is an adorable group shot!

Sherry said...

such cute pictures! i SO remember when my kids were cute and little like yours. enjoy them...