Wednesday, April 6, 2011

as little children

Matthew 18:3  “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

This time of year, the PTA offers classes after school.  Cary wanted Everett to take the basketball class.  Everett had his heart set on magic class.  They were on the same day, and we didn’t want basketball to feel like a punishment, so magic it was!

Two classes have been held so far, and Everett is really enjoying them.  Everett has learned some simple tricks, and how to make a dog and a bumblebee with balloons.  He proudly demonstrates each trick and practices it repeatedly.  Everett brought his bumblebee home on Monday, and on Tuesday while he was at  school Lana and Gwyn accidentally popped it.  Lana knew that Everett would be unhappy, and was so upset about it that she was in tears.  I suggested that maybe the girls could use their money to buy Everett some new balloons so that he could make another bumblebee.  They jumped at the idea, and Maddie even offered her dollar to help out.

We went to the store, where we bought balloons and a pump for Everett.  The girls each spent $2, which is all the paper money they had.

When Everett came home from school, Lana and Gwyn immediately told Everett that they had broken his bee and that they were sorry.  He burst into tears.  Then they gave him the balloons and pump and his tears became tears of joy.  There were hugs and smiles all around.  Everett quickly made a balloon animal for each of his sisters, and then one for himself.  He hasn’t taken much of a break since then.  There are probably 15 balloon animal in the playroom right now.


We have had family home evening lessons on love and repentance, but there is nothing like a real application to teach these things to your children.  I got all teary myself.



HappyStretchedThin said...

For me it was the sincerity that got me. Everett really felt that broken balloon like a ton of bricks, and was immediately heartbroken at hearing it was busted. It took a few seconds of asking him to calm down and wait for the rest of the story. But when the girls showed him that they had replaced not only the balloon, but had bought him a pump to make more with, he went from crestfallen to elated in a heartbeat. His joy was as sincere as had been his disappointment. This is DEFINITELY a memory we are going to keep invoking as needed.

Sherry said...

i love this- you could submit this wonderful example to the church magazine! thanks for sharing.