Friday, August 1, 2008


Lana fell in love with this pink Easter hat. This is what it used to look like:

DSC00066 old hat

The picture above is of Gwyn at the girls' second birthday party. (Looking back at those photos almost made me panic. They are growing up so fast!!! Sometimes I almost wish I could hit a pause button. I'm so busy trying to be a good mother and take care of everyone that I don't notice them changing day to day.)

Well, the brim on the hat kept getting smaller and smaller. Now it is gone completely. I figured I'd better take one last picture before the hat goes in the trash--maybe. Lana has gone a few days without wearing the hat.

DSC01082 Lana hat

And Gwyn has decided she really likes this one:

DSC01087 Geyn hat

I love how her little curls stick out in front. They're usually curlier than that, but her hair is starting to get long enough to lose a little of its curl. (Once again, can we hit that pause button? I'm glad I take lots of pictures.)

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