Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Fun

All "winter" long, Everett has been eagerly awaiting the appearance of the "snow mountains" at the mall--you know, the ones the plows leave behind in the parking lot. Every time we had a snowfall, we'd go check to see if there were any snow mountains. Well winter finally hit around here.

We took our first opportunity to go visit the snow mountains. We were a little crazy because it was right around 0 degrees that day. But we bundled everyone up really well and headed on over. I spent most of the brief outing in the van. Yes, I'm a wimp. But I took care of the girls as they came back in one by one. Maddie just LOVED it. She could hardly move, but was having riots. Everett had a blast too. Cary always teases people about not growing up in Canada when it gets cold, but the truth is, he hates the cold too.

0116090951 EGML

Everett, Gwyn, Maddie, and Lana - Rulers of the Mountain

Last week we had a 40+ degree day, with a good bit of snow still on the ground. My mom went out with the kids and they made a snowman together. (Mom ended up even taking off her light jacket.)

DSC01615 DSC01625


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