Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emma and her nicknames


It took a while to come up with Emma's name. (We had chosen two girls' names before we knew we were expecting triplet girls and had a hard time coming up with a third one.) I checked some name books out of the library and started looking through them. I made a short list of possibilities, but nothing was really standing out. Then one day when I was looking through the name books, I came across the name "Emma" and had a very strong feeling about it--so strong that it actually brought me to tears. "I guess that's her name" was my immediate thought. It's not something I would have picked on my own, but it is right.

Cary and I narrowed the middle name down to Brynn and Faith, and went with "Faith". It reminds me of Cary's grandmother's middle name, which is "Fay", and means something on its own as well.

Emma Faith Campbell was born on November 12th after a very stressful pregnancy, weighing just about 7 lbs.  Her first cry released all of the burden of worry I had carried for nine months and longer, and I cried along with her for joy and relief.  After that, it really didn't matter how labor had gone or what previous loss and heartache had been like. She was a crowning blessing that healed me. Her smiles continue to do so.


DSC02740b   DSC02759DSC02761DSC02760

Sometimes we call her Emma. Sometimes we refer to her as "the kid". I also call her baby, sweetie, sweetheart, or pookie. (Cary doesn't approve of that last one.)


Sherry said...

what a sweetie- i LOVE newborns and can almost smell her neck from here!

HappyStretchedThin said...

I call her Emma-doll and squirt, as well as the common moniker "kiddo" that I apply to all the kids.
No Pookie! That's like a Garfield stuffed animal name, right? Blah!

Six-Pack Momma said...

What a doll! Congrats (a little late!)