Friday, February 25, 2011

What has happened since August 17th 2010

Well, in case I never actually "catch up" here, I'll at least list the important happenings!


We took a day trip and a little vacation
Everett started first grade
I was big


Cary defended his dissertation
Everett's school went on strike
Cary and I went to the temple
I got bigger


the girls started preschool
Trick or Treat!
A deer hit Cary
I got even bigger


Everett turned 7
Emma was born
I didn't get much smaller :)


Cary's parents came for a visit
Emma was blessed
I got older (32)

2011 so far:

I'm getting back to my normal self, emotionally and physically. I'm getting adventurous with cooking. The kids are getting cuter (but that's normal). Life is busy and joyful. I count my blessings every day.


Kate said...

I like lists, and blog updates. (hint hint) Your family is really adorable!

Sherry said...

when did you ever get big!!!??? even when you were ready to give birth- you always looked so cute. i liked reading your recap of the past months- i'm sure there were a lot of activities in-between.

Six-Pack Momma said...

Yay! I am so happy to hear what you've been up to. And I love the name, by the way! Good choice. I can't wait to see updated pics of everyone!

Linda said...

A perfect update!!! Glad to see you back. I missed the Mandy point of view. And keep counting. :)

HappyStretchedThin said...

What's wrong with MY point of view?
I love your artful and humorous way of repeating a certain line, Mandy. Of course, I happen to know you are the envy of all the moms in our ward for how well you return to shape post-pregnancy! (and you look mighty FINE to me too!)