Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Festivities

We had a great Valentine's Day!  Last night, four children giddy with anticipation picked out clothes to wear today.  Here's what they chose:


Emma has no idea what they're so excited about, but she's excited right along with them. It makes me smile. Cary had to leave for work right away, but I made some pink oatmeal for the kids (flavored with strawberry NesQuik) and sent them off to school.


Cary came home to find his gifts waiting, and then I left to help out with Everett's classroom party. I had already helped at the girls' Halloween and Christmas parties, so Everett was happy to have his turn. After school, the kids and I went and delivered valentine cards and homemade treats to some special people.

As we started out on our route, we encountered some crazy drivers and I was wondering aloud what was going on. Lana decided that it was because it was Valentine's Day and they probably ate too much candy. On the way home, she told me that she was in the mood for some patella. (She was trying to say "pizelle", but knee caps are much more interesting, right?)

Cary took us all out to dinner, and then surprised me with some chocolate covered strawberries that he had made. They were delicious! Cary and I have been married for almost 14 years. We've been through many joys and some sorrows together and have grown together, closer and stronger than before. I feel so very blessed.