Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013

On January 29th, Everett (and his sisters) participated in his second pinewood derby.


I love the moment when the boys walk in the room and see the track all set up.


The anticipation builds as they get their pit passes and weigh in their cars.


I was happy that Cary was able to cut the wood and help with sanding this year.  Last year I helped Everett make his car (partly with a carving knife) and also made one for the girls.  This time I just got to help with the assembly and supervise painting.


Everett’s car is the blue one with the face.  The girls got to race their car from last year (with the butterflies in case you couldn’t guess).  Everett’s previous design is in the back row—red with yellow flames.


Sister Willyerd (Suzie) had a fun mad libs type story for us all to do together, and then we had our race!



Everett’s car won!  He was sooooooooo happy!!!  (I had to remind him to be happy for everyone else too.  He wasn’t mean, just really exuberant.)


The girls got to race their car from last year.  Everyone had fun watching the races.


The refreshments were fun too.  I made cucumber cars, and Sister Tolman made rice crispy treat cars.


And here’s the happy cub scout:


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Sherry said...

wow! that reminds me of many years ago when our family had that experience. lots of excitement and fun!