Monday, October 20, 2008

Family Night

Since I have been slacking on keeping the digital camera charged and accessible, we took photos of the last two family nights with my cell phone.  It's always handy!

Last week we decorated pumpkins.  Here are our cheesy faces:

EverettMaddieCaryGwyn (& Lana) 

I was busy helping everyone else, so my pumpkin isn't decorated yet.  (We've made a tradition of having one for each of us.)  Lana happily decorated her pumpkin, then pulled everything off of it.  She was too absorbed to have her picture taken.  I have my phone set to say "Say cheese" before it takes a picture.  Maybe I should change it...


This week, we went to my parents house to rake leaves.  The kids had a blast!  Last year the girls weren't too sure about it, but this year they just jumped right in.

1020081820a ELGM1020081820b GLM









1020081826a EMLWe each got a turn being buried in the pile.

The kids loved that part, and were quite happy to bury me.  They got into that job with gusto!





1020081849 MLEG

After we had loaded and dumped the last wheelbarrow full, Cary gave the kids a ride to the van.

Maddie and Everett are in back, Lana and Gwyn in front.

We love family night!  And I love fall.  I have always loved it--the beauty of the turning leaves, the nice temperatures, the thought of happy holidays to come--but it also brings back a lot of happy memories from when Cary and I were dating.  I really enjoyed watching the children having so much fun today.  We're making some happy memories for them too.

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