Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Young Stalwarts

4 children + 4 shots + 4 blood draws = no tears!

Yesterday we took the kids in to get flu shots and their Hemoglobin levels tested. I had told them in advance that they would be getting a shot, and that it would hurt a little bit, but that it would help them to stay healthy. Everett was a little apprehensive, but when the time came, everyone did great! There wasn't a single fuss. Cary and I were in awe.

Here are their stats:

birth weight: 9 lbs.
now 4 yrs. 11 months old
50.5 lbs. 94th percentile
44.5" 83rd percentile

birth weight: 3 lbs. 9 oz.
now 2 yrs. 7 months old
26.5 lbs. 20th percentile
32.5" under 3rd percentile

birth weight: 4 lb.s 4 oz.
now 2 yrs. 7 months old
31.5 lbs. 75th percentile
35.25" 27th percentile

birth weight: 4 lbs. 8 oz.
now 2 yrs. 7 months old
32 lbs. 79th percentile
35.5" 33rd percentile

According to their weight/height ratio, even Lana is "at risk for becoming overweight". HAHAhahaha

Our pediatrician's office normally does a finger prick test for the Hemoglobin, but this time they sent us across the street to a lab to get it done. When our turn came, I was a bit shocked when the tech pulled out the equipment necessary for a blood draw. I realize now that I probably could have insisted on the finger prick, but at the time I was somewhat flustered and just trying to make it as stress-free for the children as possible, given the situation. Once again, they were all little troopers. They were a little apprehensive, but didn't make a fuss.

I hated to see them going through it. I held each one on my lap as it was done. Afterwards, Cary and I decided that our brave little children deserved a special treat, so we took them to Wendy's and had a frosty for dessert. It actually turned out to be a really pleasant morning (except watching the kids get poked), because we were all together and happy.


Six-Pack Momma said...

That is amazing! My 12 year old still fusses! LOL!

MaryBeth said...

Wow! That's awesome that they all were so amenable to getting shots and having blood drawn! I took the girls one at a time for their 2 year check ups and there were a few tears for shots each time, but nothing like in the past. Glad they got a well deserved treat at the end!!

Lara said...

Good job, Campbell clan!

I think it's so crazy how an inch or two or an ounce or two can make their percentiles so different!

Anonymous said...

I'm all about ice cream after shots and blood draws. It's funny though, my kids have gotten worse over the years when it comes to shots. Olivia used to barely flinch, but last time, I had to drag her out from under a chair in the exam room! She's 8! Tell your kids they did better than an 8 year old!
Erin C.

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Wow your kids are so brave! They really did earn that frosty. I'm glad you could spend a nice morning all together. I bet it feels so amazing to look at three little girls who were born so tiny and now are little people growing and doing great.

thedietrichs said...

What brave kiddos!! It always amazes me how brave children can be. I think it is their ability to trust that gives them their strength. If only we could have that same faith and trust in Heavenly Father. Our trials would be but a moment; fully understanding that it is needed for our eternal growth.
Hmm, just something I have been thinking about.