Sunday, October 19, 2008


Several times, I have thought about buying an inexpensive slide for the children. I have even looked on craigslist, but never found what I was looking for. In the absence of a "real" slide, the kids have come up with their own fun (and free) ways to slide.

The Everett Slide

DSC01363 Everett slide DSC01364 Everett slide

The Dada Slide

DSC01418 Dada slide GLM

Cary, (Gwyn), Lana, Maddie

DSC01419 Dada slide GLEM

Gwyn, Lana, Cary, Everett, (Maddie)

I love Gwyn's little curl in front!


HappyStretchedThin said...

I think they especially like the Dada slide...It makes funny groaning noises too.

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

So cute! We have a dada slide at our house too. It's much better than any plastic slide in my opinion!