Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Escape Artists/ Professional Nap Evaders

We've gone through periods of relative calm at naptime, and brief periods of chaos. But I am one determined/stubborn woman! I refuse to give up that time just yet.

Before we got the toddler beds, we went through a stage of "take off the sheets, all of your clothing, and your diaper". Then we got the toddler beds and had a respite. All was calm. The novelty eventually wore off, and the girls were exploring again. This meant taking everything within reach (which was more than I ever would have imagined) out of the linen closet and building a nest with the blankets. They also took dresser drawers out and strewed the clothing all over the room. I tried giving them quiet things to do, but the destruction was still more interesting than whatever I provided for them. So this was my next attempt.


I moved the dressers so that I could basically split the room in half, and use gates to block off the opening. (Notice "gates" plural"--I knew one wouldn't hold them.) Well, two won't hold them either. If they really want to get out, those gates can come down fast. This is their other method of escape:


They can't get under the gate, but there is a gap of 5-6 inches between the leg of the dresser and the gate.

DSC01605 G bDSC01607 b

Don't let these sweet faces fool you! These girls are dangerous...

I know that nearly any means I can devise cannot contain them, but the girls are learning to choose to stay in. Sometimes when I go to get them, Gwyn (who is the instigator) says: "Mama, are you happy? I stayed in the gate!"


Me The Domestic Goddess said...

That was very cute and funny Mandy. I would love to be able to help you battle against the adorable EA/PNE's. If you learn any secret ninja moves against them, please (wringing of hands) let me know.

Lara said...

They look so innocent (and their hair is adorable!)

And this is why I still have a crib for Sophia. She'd be out of bed in a jiffy otherwise. She fell out of her crib once while trying to escape, and it scared her enough taht she hasn't tried again.

Dara said...

As I was reading and looking at the pics, I have the Mission Impossible theme song in my head!:) They are so cute!!