Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lana to the rescue!

I had all the kids bundled up and loaded into the van just so that I could drop off a couple of things that were due at the library.  I hate to do all that work just for one brief stop, so I decided to take them in to the local thrift store and look around.  Thankfully, they're at an age now where they are pretty obedient, and stay with me very well, so it's actually nice to go places with them.

At the thrift store, I decided to buy them a little vacuum cleaner.  At the checkout I could see how excited they all were and quickly ran back to get one more.  (They were only $1, and I could see that my life would be easier if we had two to take turns with.)

DSC01604 The kids spent the rest of that day vacuuming the house (or riding on the vacuum cleaner).


The next day, I cut Everett's hair "just like Dada's", per his request.  In spite of my efforts to keep the cut hair off of him, Everett was really itchy and uncomfortable.  I finished up, and as he fussed, told him that I would get the vacuum cleaner right away.

Well Lana took off like a shot and raced back as fast as her little legs could carry her, the little vacuum in hand.  It was great to see how eager she was to help her brother.

DSC01610DSC01609         DSC01611

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