Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Indicative of our current state

Lana is sick.  She had some kind of stomach bug, and pretty much didn't hold anything down yesterday.  So we took her to the ER at Children's.  Cary spent 8 hours there with her last night, most of which was waiting while administering tiny amounts of fluids.  When they were finally seen, the staff tried 4 times to put in an IV unsuccessfully and then sent them home with anti-nausea meds and some Pedialyte.  Yes, awful.

Thankfully today Lana has held down at least 18 oz. of fluids, and managed to get off the couch and play for a few minutes.  I was a mess yesterday until Cary took her.

This morning Cary and I were talking over the game plan for the day when we smelled something suspicious.   Cary was talking about the recommendations and cautions he had received the night before at the hospital and the need to follow up with the pediatrician today.  He said we needed to call the diaper.

I think I will call the diaper from now on.  It is much more fun than calling the doctor!

Would that be 1-800-STINKY?