Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some more things kids say

As Lana's linguistic skills improve and develop, I have gotten some cute insights into how her little brain works.  Here are a couple from this week:

We had another plumbing problem.  (Poor Cary is learning a lot about plumbing this year.)  He once again removed a toilet.  He had been working in the upstairs bathroom when I took the kids up to get ready for bed.  I tucked Maddie and Gwyn in, and Lana and I started downstairs for her last feeding.  Lana looked into the bathroom, saw the hole in the floor, and said "Dada all gone!  Dada all gone!"  I reassured her that Dada was downstairs, and all was well.

Today we were having a snack.  Lana was a little slow eating her cheese puffs, so Gwyn asked if she could eat them.  I asked Lana if she wanted to give them to her sisters.  She said something like "No--two Gwyns can't have them."  Wow.  I think that's pretty creative.  I wondered how she thought of her sisters.

Maddie and Gwyn can obviously easily tell each other apart.  Everett sometimes asks them who they are or "Which one is Maddie?"  I think that he sometimes knows which one is which (perhaps by where they are sitting), but really can't tell them apart yet either.  I can often tell who is who just by their personalities, but if they are wearing identical clothing, I sometimes can't tell just by looking at them unless I find the freckle on Gwyn's cheek!  (So now you all don't feel so bad, right?)

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chelsea said...

i felt so bad asking which girl was with cary the other day at target. but it's just something they will get used too and have to live with right? i still feel bad though...