Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Conversations from the back seat

Maddie: I’m big.

Gwyn: I’m big too.

Maddie: No, you’re little.

Gwyn: No, I’m big.

Maddie: No, I’m big, and you’re little.

Gwyn: I’m big and you’re big.

Maddie: You’re little.

Gwyn: I’m big.

Me: Girls, that’s enough!



Gwyn [whispering]: Say “You’re little.”


Gwyn: I like to suck my thumb.

Maddie: I like to suck my finger.

Gwyn: You should suck your thumb.


[Uh… Girls, if you’re old enough to talk about it, shouldn’t you be old enough to stop?]


shannon said...

This is so funny...I get the best comedy relief from overhearing these backseat conversations...

Six-Pack Momma said...

Ha ha ha! Funny girls!

Lara said...

I just love the things kids deem important enough to argue about. :)

Too cute.

mamamia said...

So cute. I love backseat conversations, too!

Jamie Sage said...

Hey Aunt Mandy,
Daniel has been that way too...except he is more stubborn. Your girls are funny. I suppose it's funny when a three year old tells you, "I'm going to eat all my candy and get sick....ain't that sad?"

Jamie Sage said...

Hello Aunt Mandy,
Your girls are funny. I love how even when they don't know what you mean they still answer your question....such as when I asked Gwyn what she wanted to be when she grew up....she says,"Uh...a duck."