Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Birthday Birthday!!!

On Friday my girls turned 7!  I told them they weren’t allowed, but they went ahead and did it anyway.  The night before, I asked them what they would like for breakfast.  Lana said she wanted a green smoothie.  Maddie wanted pancakes.  Gwyn specified “pink heart pancakes”.  I  decided to do the best I could without making another run to the store.  That meant using a block of frozen spinach instead of fresh greens.  With some parental teamwork, Cary and I pulled off the birthday breakfast.  While we were making it, the girls decorated the cupcakes I had baked the night before for them to take to school.  Gwyn and Maddie wanted to put m&ms on theirs, and Lana wanted to make “mice”.


Here’s breakfast:


The smoothie looks appetizing, doesn’t it?  Kind of like mud.  I used spinach, blueberries, raspberries, and a banana.  It actually tasted pretty good, and all the kids liked it.  The pancakes were better looking.

After school I went and picked the kids up and found the girls wearing crowns, and carrying a sweet gift from their class.  Each girl came home with 21 special messages—one from each child in their class.  They had dictated something kind about the birthday girl to their teacher and then drawn a picture on the back of the note.


When we arrived home, the girls opened their cards and gifts.  We gave them each a big “snuggy” blanket, a can of silly string, and a gift card to be used on two individual dates: one with their mom, and one with their dad.


That evening we took them back to school for a Dr. Seuss celebration.  They said it was the best birthday ever.  I’m hoping they’ll say that every year.

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