Thursday, March 14, 2013

Calendar Blocks

Once each month I have been getting together with a group of friends for a craft night.  We take turns hosting it and coming up with the craft.  In September we made some really cute Christmas or Halloween calendar blocks.


I really liked the idea and decided to also make some for a teacher gift, and some that would work year-round in our home.  For the teacher gift I used three blocks so that she would be able to count up to the 100th day of school if she wanted to.  In our elementary school they always celebrate the 100th day.


For our home, I wanted to be able to exchange month names throughout the year.  This is what I came up with.


I printed the month names, cut them in strips, stamped them, then coated each strip in mod podge and a spray sealer.  I put two eyelets in the top of each one.


I spaced the eyelets to hang on hardware that I installed on the bottom block.


The months wouldn’t all fit on one side, so I put some on the back of the block as well.  That way I could keep all the pieces in one place.


I am happy with how they turned out!  Many thanks to Suzie for sharing the calendar block idea and for cutting out the vinyl!

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