Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Memories of Dad

This winter the kids figured out how to roll big snow balls.  Today was a snow day, and they were all determined to get out there and build a big snowman.  They reminded me of my dad.  He didn’t come outside to play his kids that often, but when he did it was awesome!  He played frisbee, gave us rides in the wheelbarrow, and took us camping, biking, and hiking.  Once, he decided to build a big snowman.  The snowman was so big that he had to use a sliding board and some ingenuity to put the head on.  The snowman had a big bucket for a hat, and was as tall as the roof of our house.

One winter, Dad and Everett had a Spongebob party and sleepover.  They ate crabby patties, built a Spongebob snowman, watched Spongebob, and danced together in their Spongebob jammies.  My dad was weak and had difficulty breathing and staying warm, but he wanted to have this special time with his grandson.  I am so glad that Everett got to know him.  I think of him often when I am planning our cub scout activities because he is so good at everything they do in scouts.  I sometimes wish he could have been Everett’s scout leader.


I love you Dad!


The kids all rolled big snowballs today.  Even Emma got in on the action.  They made a fort and several snowmen.  Their masterpiece was a mama snowman and a dada snowman who were “holding hands and looking at the sunset”.



HappyStretchedThin said...

Memories of that wonderful man never fail to bring a smile to my heart and lips.
In other matters, I also worry a little about what dangers will arise for our triplet girls, who, at the age of 7, already have an overactive sense of the "romantic"...

Sam said...

Well, now I know I've been permanent touched by your family. We sang "Hie to Kolob" in RS today and I burst into tears thinking about your Dad and how much he is missing of your wonderful family.
I hope he gets to watch a lot. :)