Sunday, January 6, 2008


We LOVE books at our house! Cary and I have hundreds (including a large collection in French), and the childrens' collection is growing as well. The kids like to EAT books...

(Lana - Oct. '07)

... carry them around all day, and occasionally read them.

(Gwyn, Maddie - Nov. '07)

(Gwyn, Lana, Maddie, Everett - Oct. '07)

I have heard of many uses for duct tape, but I find that I use packing tape a lot! Aside from the normal uses (such as sealing packages), I have repaired many books with that stuff, and it's the preferred tape for diaper turban prevention measures!

PS - Although Lana does not enjoy consuming many solid foods, she does seem to have a taste for cardboard, paper, and candy wrappers!

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