Friday, January 18, 2008

Everett's "Asparagus"

I thought I'd post about some cute things our little guy did today. We had the special opportunity to go to the doctor's office together--just the two of us! It was nice and calm and peaceful, unlike most of our visits to the pediatrician. (At those appointments we have all four children with us. The nurses weigh and measure the girls, and put us all in a little room to wait. The room seems nice at first, but by the time the doctor actually comes in to see us, we are all melting down, there are books all over the floor, and we've changed two messy diapers so the atmosphere in the room is uncomfortably warm and stinky.)

We knew that Everett would be getting at least one shot today, so we had prepared him a little bit by telling him why he needed shots and telling him that it would hurt a little bit. On the way to the doctor's office, Everett decided that he was a car, and that cars don't get shots. As the doctor examined him, he told her that he had four wheels and showed her where they were.

When the time actually came to get his three shots, I held him and he quietly laughed and cried at the same time and was very brave. As the nurses left the room, he said "Thank you for my shots." I think they almost fell over. What a trooper!

We have a wonderful neighbor friend who comes over to help out and be with the kids for a couple of hours on most weekdays. She is 85 years old, and has recently had some knee pain. She explained to Everett that it was arthritis.

This afternoon, Everett said that his leg was hurting a little bit. He said that he had "asparagus".

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