Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweet and Silly

Today I'm writing about our sweet and silly Gwyn. She has such a sparkling smile, and showed signs early on of a sweet love and concern for her siblings. Lana used to wake up later than Maddie and Gwyn from naps, and when I brought her down Gwyn would usually come to the bottom of the stairs and say "Hi Lana.” Gwyn was the first of the girls to name her siblings when she saw them in pictures. (It took a while for her to say her own name though.) One day when she got up from her nap, she looked around and realized that someone was missing. "Erett?” she asked.

Another time, Maddie was wearing a backpack, and Gwyn decided that she wanted one too. She asked Grandma for a “packpack.” Grandma told her to go to the toy box and get one, and she would help her put it on. Gwyn quickly went to the toy box and brought back two backpacks—one for her, and one for Lana. What a sweetie!

She loves tickles, has some great bouncy dance moves, and gives the most wonderful hugs. She has a little impish streak too, but her thoughtfulness shines through most of the time. Thank you for being a little sunshine Gwyn!

August 2007

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Jordan Dietrich said...

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