Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hard to resist!

After dinner today, Cary and I decided that I should make the weekly library run while he stayed home with the kids. I put on my coat, and the kids are immediately asking: "Where are you going, Mama?"

"I'm going to the library."

Since Maddie, Gwyn, and Everett wer e happily munching the popcorn Cary had just made, they were content, but Lana said "Bwawry?" "Wait!" She raced into the kitchen, grabbed her slippers and started putting them on.

It sure is hard to leave such cuteness.

Her most recent avoidance behavior is also DSC01473terribly sweet. (Children who have oral aversion issues often have "avoidance behaviors" which are their way of trying to escape the food. Some of these behaviors include turning their heads away, arching their backs, clamping their mouths shut, screaming, hitting, etc.) When Lana doesn't want to take what I'm trying to give her by syringe, she hugs me. She turns towards me, reaches out her arms, and hugs me. This effectively immobilizes both of my arms. I usually don't resist it at all. We have come a long way in our feeding struggles. She usually accepts the liquid. If she hugs me, it is mostly a signal that she needs a break. Maybe she has to burp, etc. Rarely I just have to say "Drink first, then hug." I'm glad that feedings, though not independent yet, are at least loving events.

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Lara said...

So sweet! And it sounds like they already love the library, which is a good thing!

Sophie gives big kisses whenever she doesn't want to do something.