Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh, the neglected blog! (and some Maddie cutes)

Well, I have had many things I've wanted to post lately. The problem is that I've been telling myself that before I can blog I have to get my other work done. You can see where that leads. Since I feel that trying to catch up will be a little overwhelming at this point, I'll just post a couple of Maddie highlights today. I hope to post a lot more this week--especially about Everett's birthday party. (We postponed it one week because we were a bit under the weather and didn't want to share the germs with our guests.)


Here are some of the most recent pictures of Maddie:

   DSC01521    DSC01526

You're probably wondering about that first photo.  It is from when the kids were playing with the fire from Everett's "pin the fire on the dragon" birthday party game.


Yesterday Maddie told me (twice) that I was her best friend.

Today Maddie told Cary that he was "pretty" and "cute". From her that's a compliment.

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