Monday, November 10, 2008


On Everett's first day of preschool, Cary wanted to pick him up.  Often, Cary will want to do something like this to help me out, but this time I wanted to do it.  I was eager to hear how Everett's first day had gone. I thought I would be doing Cary a favor by avoiding the interruption of his work, and planned to send Everett up to him as soon as we got home.  Cary didn't want to relinquish the privilege of picking him up, and I could sense that he wanted to be the one to do it for the same reason I did: our children are one, or rather four, of our greatest sources of joy.  I am even more joyful at moments like those, when I realize that though Cary can't be with the children as much as I am, he loves and looks forward to those special moments just as much as I do.  The whole family went to pick Everett up that day.

Our little guy is now 5 years old.  He has brought us immense joy in these 5 years, and even before he was born.  I cry almost every time I look back through our photos.  Here are some from close to each of his birthdays.

1 month

Ev b-day DSC00545  nbDSC00516  nb

1 year

Ev b-day DSC06640  1 yrEv b-day DSC06669  1 yr 

2 years

Ev b-day DSC07565  2 yrDSC00367  2 yr

3 years

Ev b-day DSC08278  3 yrEv b-day DSC08281  3 yr 

4 years

Ev b-day DSC09555  4 yrEv b-day DSC09549  4 yr

5 years

Ev b-day DSC01265  5 yrDSC01465

We love every "first", and seeing the world through his eyes.  We love how he loves his sisters and others.  We love seeing him learn and grow every day.  Now that our family has grown, it seems like it all slips by so fast, but we cherish these moments of joy.

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thedietrichs said...

Happy Birthday Everett!!! We love you and are excited to see you at Christmas!
Uncle Jim, Aunt Bethanie, Natalie, Hannah and Andrew