Monday, November 3, 2008

Into the Mix

The other day was rather warm. I had started the day in a sweatshirt, so after finishing breakfast and putting away almost all of the groceries I had to go upstairs to change. I think I was up there for less than a minute. I came down and heard Everett say: "Mama, we have a problem."

Uh oh.

I raced into the living room to find four children and half of the floor covered in pancake mix. Up until the point where I shouted "What is going on!!!???" they were gleefully dancing in it, and gracefully flinging it into the air. At that point, I was mostly concerned about damage control, so once again I do not have any photographic evidence.

"Everyone get on the rug!"
"And don't move!"
Lana runs through the house giggling. It is so much fun when Mama chases us!
I grab Lana, put her on the rug, grab the vacuum cleaner, and start sucking the powder out of her hair. Meanwhile, the other three monkeys are definitely not standing still. I finally decide to call for backup.
"Cary!!! I think I could use some help!"
He stripped them down and whisked them upstairs while I spent the next 15 minutes sucking flour out of the rug and every groove in the wood floor.

While our situation as parents of four children is not unusual, I believe that have four this young may provide a greater opportunity for this kind of event. When one of ours gets an idea like this, it can just spread like wildfire. There are instantaneously three other enthusiastic participants.

I give Everett some credit for saying there was a problem, even though he continued in the festivities. I think a couple of handfuls of mix may have even made their way back into the bag. And hey, if I didn't have to clean it up, etc., I think throwing flour around and dancing in it would be REALLY FUN!!!


MaryBeth said...

It definitely does make a difference that they are all so close to the same age and therefore willing accomplices. I can totally see that same thing happening here at our house! Too bad you didn't get any pictures...

thedietrichs said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us. It is nice to know that other moms struggle with the same things!!!