Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Dad, the girl magnet

Well, it happened again, and this time I got a better picture of it. My Dad sits down and is immediately covered in children--this time Maddie and Lana.

DSC01469 M Grandpa LDSC01470 M Grandpa L

My Dad has cancer. He has already gone through radiation and surgeries: one removing a mass from his neck area and one in which part of his lung was removed. He now has lesions throughout his lungs. Inoperable. Last week he began a trial of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy, barring a miracle, will not cure the cancer. It may give us some more time. Right now he seems deceptively healthy and vigorous. The radiation certainly took a toll on him, but he still puts in a very full day of work with some rest in the middle.

I love my Dad, and it is beautiful to see how much my children love him. One of the characteristics I most admire in my Dad is his work ethic. He works hard at worthwhile things nearly every moment of every day. He is very dedicated and usually thinking about the next thing on his list. With this in mind, it is still amazing to me what joy he finds in his grandchildren. It is plainly written on his face every time we're together. At those times, all of his other cares seem to melt away--put away for later--and he is just enjoying and loving. I'm so glad that my children have been able to know him. No matter what, they will know him, because he will always be a part of our lives, present or watching over us elsewhere.

*We are still praying for miracles.

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