Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Catching Up

Once again, a whole week has gone by without a post from me. I wanted to write sooner, but we had a great late date night watching Indiana Jones (and having an impromptu footrace when we had to walk halfway around the mall because we weren't allowed to go through), followed by me retiring at 7:30 PM the next day! I didn't intend to go to bed that early. I was just "resting" for a little while and finally decided to just give in and went to sleep with contacts in and teeth unbrushed *gasp*! The next night I was overwhelmed by the 100 cute pictures sitting on my camera. Then I had a disastrous evening of shopping at WalMart. I am starting to really dislike that place. We like the "convenience" of having everything in one store, and the fact that Sam's club is right next door so that we can snag a cart--or two--that seats at least two children safely. These factors keep us going there despite the drawbacks. We were thrilled the first time we walked into our new Target and discovered that they have awesome carts that seat three children with seatbelts! Woohoo! Too bad they don't have a large grocery section. Where was I? Oh yeah: I'm finally trying to catch up a bit on last week's events. For now, here's another cute picture of Maddie:

DSC00706 Maddie

The girls still LOVE those hats! If Target has them in the $1 section again next year I'm going to get a bunch. Since Everett is constantly coming up with fun games for the kids to play, they have served as hunting hats and cowboy hats too.

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