Monday, June 2, 2008

Sweet Sweets Rats

Cary guest blogger here with a confession to make. It was me. I did it. While Mandy was out of the house, I tried to abscond with some of her Dove chocolates (if anyone wanted to know--maybe even send--her favorite, it's the milky kind) while she was escorting Everett across the street to our neighbor's house this afternoon. The twins were just done with a nap and caught me doing it, so I had to buy them off with a bite each. Gwyn handled it just fine, but they're both pretty much drool factories right now with 2-year molars coming in and all, so I just wasn't in time to prevent Maddie from ratting me out with the above evidence on her dress and mouth. I immediately exclaimed, "Oh no! Mama's going to be so sad! (about stains on dresses, not pilfered chocolate)", and Maddie thought for a split second before replying: "Hug her!" Even as a chocolate drool-bombing rat fink, she's a sweetie.

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Mandy said...

Well, I MAY have wondered where those chocolate spots came from... but now I don't have to, heh, heh. At least you took the dark chocolate.