Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Potty Soccer

With all the sitting the girls have been doing, they get a little bored, so they've been coming up with some interesting activities. Today it was "potty soccer". Gwyn and Lana were passing the ball back and forth.

I was glad that they occupied themselves today, because Lana seems to only be able to sit still for about two seconds. It drives me crazy! She sits, she stands up and looks in the potty, she sits down again, she stands up and switches potties, she stands up and looks in the potty, sits down again, stands, sits, stands, sits--you get the picture. Sometimes she gets her business done right away and then is so excited to go into the bathroom and empty the potty and flush. (I really don't need rewards for these girls right now. They are so proud of themselves, and so happy to flush!)

This little soccer game kept Lana sitting until I started putting diapers back on everyone. Then she ran around the livingroom without a diaper, climbing on the furniture until I nabbed her--about two seconds too late. This was our first accident.

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