Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer water fun

We pulled out the kiddie pool for the first time the other day. Ever our intrepid adventurer, Lana was the first one in. She kept dumping the cold water on herself, followed by a gasp and a giggle.

DSC00699 L

The other kids weren't far behind, of course. We all had a lot of fun.



 Lana Everett

Any guesses why this little girl is so happy?

DSC00690 M crop

She just got her brother good! (She's Maddie, by the way--at least I'm pretty sure she's Maddie! I didn't take the picture. Am I a horrible mom, or what?)

DSC00690 ELM

I like using these pots as pool toys because they can't really drink out of them, and I don't get quite as wet.

DSC00695 pots

I couldn't resist putting this one in. I just love those little toes!


(Maddie, Gwyn, Lana, Everett)

The pool came out again today, and Gwyn and Everett got into a major water fight. I got in the line of fire a couple of times, but I didn't mind so much. It was a nice day. I felt all environmentally friendly afterwards because I watered the garden with the pool water (and the water from our dehumidifier). I realize that's pretty silly, considering the other ways we waste things every day. I'm trying to think about it more.

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