Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Little Ducks

We decided to take the kids to a local wading pool a while back. We don't really know anyone with a pool, and the public pools around us don't allow flotation devices of any kind, so we're pretty much limited to the kiddie pools right now. (We don't mind--the kids are happy!)

I arrived at the pool first with Gwyn and Maddie. They stood there checking it out, and didn't want to get in until I stepped in with them. Then Cary arrived with Lana and Everett. Lana charged right in. She wanted to go everywhere, and do everything the big kids were doing. She got a nose-full of water at one point, but it didn't phase her. Gwyn and Maddie got into it too, but were more cautious about everything.

Here's Cary trying to get one of them to actually sit in the water:

DSC00752 snoopy pool

DSC00754 snoopy poolDSC00769 snoopy pool L

DSC00773 snoopy pool

(I was the one behind the camera, so there are no photos of me that day.)

The children generally come out of the pool happily, especially the girls. They are excited because they get to be "my little ducks", which is what I call them when they're wearing their little hooded towels. They love it. Everett is my little frog.

DSC00775 Little ducks 2

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MaryBeth said...

A wading pool sounds just perfect for a whole gaggle of kiddos! We don't have one of those around here, but we're so fortunate that we live less than a mile from my parents and they have a great pool. All four of my girls are really enjoying it this summer. Looks like you guys had a good time in the water too!