Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Potty Party has begun

I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I started the potty training on Sunday. It wasn't something I really planned out in advance. It was an idea that struck me and I went with it. It seems that a lot of things have to be that way, or they won't get done.

I don't think the girls are really ready yet (except maybe Lana), but the train is moving now! I don't know that there's any going back at this point. I went in the den for a couple of minutes yeaterday, and when I came out both Maddie and Gwyn had removed their diapers and were wandering around. At least all three of them are interested at this point! Everett was a bit of a "late bloomer" in the potty-training department (perhaps partly because I had so many little ones to take care of) but it seemed like I blinked and we were done with accidents. It was smooth sailing. This time around, I have a feeling I'll have some interesting blog posts!

So I have rolled up the only carpet on the main floor of our house, and so far no accidents. I know the time will come. For now, we are doing a lot of sitting--sitting reading books, sitting singing songs, sitting watching movies. I can see that I will not be able to get as much done as usual because I am sitting too. And being vigilant. But we are having a nice time together.

Lana, Gwyn, Maddie, and Everett (who is not sitting on a potty)

PS--If you have multiples, don't even think about trying this potty-training thing without a potty for each child. (Yes, I was crazy the first day and thought we might be able to use two potties and the cushioned seat on the actual toilet. That wasn't going to fly. They all want to do it at once, and all on a little potty seat.)


Lara said...

Good luck! I can't even imagine!

Sophie decided she wanted to sit on the potty last night, and she's wanted to do it today as well...and she's actually doing something! Pretty amazing...we hope it lasts.

chelsea said...

if there's one thing i dread the most about raising kids it's potty training. i hated it so much. you are so brave to be doing it before they are in high school.... i hope it will be a breeze!

Linda said...

Wow! Glad to see your girls are getting ready to jump on board the "potty train" at such a young age. There are some great free downloads of a rewards chart, stickers and a certificate available at www.PottyTrainWithBabySigns.com that your girls might enjoy.
Good luck!

Campbell Clan said...

I'll keep you in my prayers!
Seriously though, you'll do an awesome job. Who knows, maybe the "peer pressure" will help move things along more rapidly. Hang in there.
xoxo Bethany

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Potty Training scares me.. I can't imagine how you must have been dreading it! The girls look cute and comfy on their little pottys so that is good. Keep us posted. Good Luck!