Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Day at the POOL

Last week, we were able to go to the pool at the Y, thanks to Celina and her membership. There were 11 of us total that day: Jolina, Arthur, little Arthur, Emily, Lily, Rosie, and myself and the four kids. (Celina is recovering from a surgery and had a car appointment, Melina stayed home with Daniel, and Cary and Jordan were working.) There were three pools. After getting everyone changed, I went with the girls to the little pool while Everett went to the big pool with Arthur and Arthur. This was one day that I wished I could make a copy of myself so that I could be two places at once, but Jolina stayed with the girls for me for a while so that I could go over to the big pool to see how Everett was doing. He was pretty much on his own with Arthur watching him from the side of the pool. I don't know that I've ever seen him more excited! Left to his own devices for his first time in a big pool this year, he taught himself to doggie-paddle. When I found him, he was just gleeful, pushing off of the bottom of the pool and paddling with his eyes wide and a huge smile on his face. He was also repeatedly climbing out and jumping in. It was a joy to watch him.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera that day, but I hope the image of his happy face never leaves me. I love watching all of their firsts!

The girls had fun with the toys the other children had brought. They spent most of the time making dinner with little plates and pitchers.

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