Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day Celebrations

This year we celebrated twice.  Jordan and Celina were picnicking with Celina's brother on the 4th, so we had a little informal get-together at our house.  We lit some sparklers and a few butterflies and fountains, caught some lightning bugs, and then watched the fireworks.  Our house is close enough to the river that we have a great view of one town's fireworks from our back porch.

The kids all enjoyed the sparklers--especially Lana.  The fountains and butterflies were just their speed too.  Gwyn particularly liked the city fireworks.  She cried when we put her to bed before they ended.  I'm glad that no one was really scared.

 LanaGrandma, Cary, Jolina, Arthur GwynMaddie, Gwyn, Lana Arthur, Everett, GwynLana, Maddie 

(Lana's been wearing that hat for about a week now, and she gets upset if it falls off.)

On Saturday we celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa's house with the whole gang.  We had a wonderful time.  Once again, I forgot my camera, but the kids had a blast with the new sandbox, Grandpa's makeshift seesaw, Grandma's fish pond, and any balls and rackets they could get their hands on.  We had a few badminton games going on that involved three or four adults and about five children, each one holding a badminton or tennis racket, or even a ping-pong paddle.  We really had to watch our step!  Grandpa also lit a bonfire.  We left before dark this time so that we could get the kids to bed in time to get a good night's rest before church on Sunday.

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