Monday, July 14, 2008

Mandy's Vocabulary

Cary guest blogger here.

Mandy's got a humungous vocabulary. Anyone who's ever tried to take her on in Scrabble (or her latest Facebook application craze: Scramble--check it out here) knows she can't be beat. So the other day I was mining her considerable resources to help me come up with a definitive list of verbs derived from "mettre" for a French lesson I was writing as part of my summer job. The root is the same in English, so I started the list and asked her to come up with similar ones: admit, commit, permit, emit, omit, etc.

Her answer:


Yup...She's a mom!

We had a good laugh.

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Six-Pack Momma said...

Oh, how kids change us. They take our brains and turn them inside-out!