Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amusement Adventures

We recently had the chance to go to an amusement park with some friends.  They have a season pass, and brought us to a "bring a friend for free" day.  Between the two families we had nine kids--seven of whom were under the age of 5.  I'm pleased to say that though we had to chase kids a couple of times, we didn't lose anyone!  We also had a great time.  All nine are in this photo, though one is hidden.


The Cutlers' girls were wonderful buddies for our girls, and helped to make things a little easier for us.  In this photo, Lana is "raaarring".


Everyone loved the cars.  (It was a little bit scary for me to think about them actually driving one day, but mostly I just enjoyed the expressions of glee on their faces.)

DSC01315 MaddieDSC01319DSC01301 GwynDSC01312

We were so glad we went to the waterpark section, even though the girls couldn't participate in all of it, because Everett's favorite part of the day was the waterslides.

Once again, a big "Thank You" to the Cutler family!

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