Saturday, September 13, 2008

You know they get it when...

...they try to use it in their defense.

(BTW: Cary guest blogger here...)

Case in point: Everett's a great kid. Mild-mannered, delightful, sweet. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails too.

And sometimes, like all children, he likes to try to push his limit a little. We've been teaching him that he needs to be a good example to his sisters so they don't misbehave. In fact, he understands very well now that if he does something bad, and the girls follow him doing it, he's doubly guilty. How do I know he knows? The other day, when the girls all thought it was fun to make an obnoxious noise at the dinner table, I told them to stop. I was able to get them all to cease and desist, when suddenly, when he had been perfectly calm beforehand, Everett started up with the same noise. I immediately sent him to our "penalty box" for doing something Dada said not to. His reply: "But Dada, Gwyn was a bad example!"

Sorry, little guy: you know better than to follow bad examples, she doesn't yet.

It's a rough life for the little guy, huh...

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