Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Definitions of a Mother-in-Law

Cary guest blogger here.

I have the world's greatest in-laws. Not only are they wonderful people, but they're fun to be around too. I could go on for ages about all of the wonderful qualities of both of them, but I thought you all might appreciate specifically Mom's sense of humor.

Mandy and I had Mandy's mom, dad, and grandma over for a game night last week in which we spent a long time playing Balderdash. In case you're not familiar, it's basically a bluffing game: you have to create a real enough sounding definition for an obscure but real English word that no one knows the meaning of so that the others will vote for your definition. We mostly took the game quite seriously, really attempting to fool the others into thinking we knew what the word meant. Mom, on the other hand, just couldn't help herself. She had the worst score by the end of the game because she rarely even attempted to get anyone to vote for her definition.

Here's a list of some of the reasons why:

Thrunch: the lunch you eat after you have already eaten two.
Darg: a sailor's puppy.
Carking: what a sailor uses to seal cracks.
Atmatercera: a dinosaur that frequented automatic teller machines.
Apricate: the act of affixing small dried orange fruits to the borders of children's artwork.
Darhna: what someone in India would use to mend a sock, if Indians wore socks.
Larigot: a snail often found by cowboys when they lift a coil of rope.
Anableps: the noise made by a sonar when it detects some mermaids.
Squama: an amphibious llama found in the Indian ocean.

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Lara said...

She is extremely clever! These are wonderful...I am giggling for sure.

My mom is the same way while playing Balderdash, and on top of that she always gives hers away by laughing when it's read. She rarely gets points, unless she manages to guess the right one. :)