Monday, September 15, 2008

Picnics at Grandma's House

This month had a sweet visit from Great Grandma (my grandma).  While she was here, my mom had a kind of reunion picnic in her backyard.  I've been getting the idea that she wants to have grandkids over to visit because in addition to the normal enticements, her yard now includes a sandbox and playhouse!

These pictures were taken on Cary's cell phone.  Here's Uncle Jordan pushing Maddie and Gwyn in the wheelbarrow:

0907081650 MG

And here's Lana attempting to give Everett a ride:


We've had a few picnics this summer.  I love giving the kids a chance to explore and run around.  In our yard, the girls go straight for the rocks and/or dirt.  At Grandma's house they have a lot more to experience--including Grandparents, of course!

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thedietrichs said...

I'm sad that we missed out on the fun. It's hard to be far away from family. But christmas is coming and this year I am not getting fat:)