Sunday, May 25, 2008

Everett's big day

Today Everett gave his first talk in Primary. I was really proud of him. He was so excited about it that he kept interrupting the opening exercises to ask "Is it time now?" When it was finally time for him to get up, he stepped right up to the microphone and spoke up! They had to turn it down quite a bit. I didn't think to coach him about the microphone in advance, so he had his mouth right on it for every word.

I took a picture of him when we got home, and he delivered his talk two more times: once for his Dada, and once completely unprompted, this time almost completely by memory.

DSC00621 Ev's first talk



"I like having Family Home Evening.

We learn about Jesus.

We sings songs that I like.

We do fun things together.

We say prayers.

And we have treats.

Having Family Home Evening helps us to be a happy family."

I also took a picture of the girls. As I was doing Lana's hair today, Maddie and Gwyn were saying "Me too! Me too!" They actually left their pigtails in this time. I love their cute little socks, and the expression on Maddie's face. (She's in the middle.)

DSC00619 LMG


Campbell Clan said...

Wait to go Everett!! Great job! You are such a good, smart and brave boy. We love you! xoxox Uncle Richard and Aunt Bethany

chelsea said...

how fun for Everett! I was admiring maddie and gwyn's pigtails, they looked so cute. i can't get over how cute the triplets are. i had so much fun listening to them in church yesterday!