Monday, May 26, 2008

You will know if you mess up!

When looking at Gwyn and Maddie you may not always be able to tell who's who, but the girls sure know who they are.

There are some things in our routine that are flexible. For example, the girls love switching carseats. Occasionally they'll switch seats at dinner as well, and most of their possessions are shared happily. But there are many things in our routine that are very important to them, and if you mess up, watch out! They know which cups are theirs. They know which blankies are theirs and they must have them at bedtime. When I come in to put Lana to bed after her last feeding, Gwyn and Maddie stand up in their cribs for a kiss on the forehead. Gwyn has a stuffed racoon. Lana has a stuffed lizard and kitty. On one doctor visit where the girls all got shots, we accidentally switched Gwyn and Maddie's outfits in our haste to clothe them and get out of there. They didn't care about that switch, but when we got home I put them right to bed and put them in the wrong cribs. (At that point they were even in different rooms.) Gwyn was fine, but Maddie was really upset. At first I thought it was because of the shots, but I realized our mistake when they woke up. As they've grown and developed more personality differences, we're able to tell them apart much more easily. We still mess up every now and then. The most recent slipup was just this morning. At breakfast, Cary accidentally poured Maddie's milk from her cereal bowl into Gwyn's cup. Maddie just started crying pathetically and saying "No! No! No!" Gwyn helped her out by saying "That's Gwyn's cup!" It totally cracked me up, but Cary switched cups right away while I comforted Maddie.

If you ever have trouble telling them apart, just ask them. They'll tell you who they are!

Guess Who

Can you tell who's who in this embossed photo?

I think it really brings out some of their differences.


chelsea said...

i'm going with maddie on the left and gywn on the right. i'm probably wrong though huh... dang i don't spend enough time with them to really know! can lana tell them apart?

Mandy said...

Yep. Gwyn's on the left. I don't think Lana can tell them apart. Maybe she can, but she doesn't call them by name. Everett can tell sometimes, but he often doesn't know what name to say either. He says things like "this girl" sometimes.

I still have to think about it so I don't mix your girls' names up, so don't feel bad!