Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yesterday I was crazy adventurous enough to serve s'mores for dessert.

GwynMaddie LanaEverett

The kids  had a lot of fun.  I'm wondering what an actual campfire experience will be like.  I love a nice campfire, but I think we'll have "Plan B" in place when we try it!


Six-Pack Momma said...

Aaaah...S'mores. I enjoy them at home since I have a sink to wash them off after. I wanted to vote on you "taping diapers" poll, but there isn't a category for me. I stated out taping diapers but found other solutions to be easier and as effective:

Use a diaper pin to pin the zipper of a blanket sleeper at the top. That way, they can't unzip and thus, remove said diaper.

My youngest right now requires a onesie at all times. No matter how hot it is. She hasn't yet figured out how to un-snap them. But without one, she doesn't keep her diaper on.

I have also heard of people putting clothes on backwards with buttons and zippers in back. I guess if it was a one-piece outfit or sleeper (with feet cut out), it might work.

But like everything- this too, shall pass!

Mandy said...

I'm just wondering when she'll figure out that removing clothing = being cold!!! The only clothing she can't get out of is something that is not a stretchy material and has buttons instead of snaps. Everything else, she gets out of, often without undoing anything. She puts her arms up through the neck and just squeezes her way out! Little Houdini :)