Monday, May 12, 2008

A Week of Fun

First, I got sick and was sick all week, but the rest of what happened was really good! We had a wonderful visit from Cary's parents. The kids were thrilled to have them here from the very first moment, and loved every minute of it! They got to blow giant bubbles with Grandma, wrestle with Grandpa, and have lots of great play time with both grandparents.

We started out the week with a little bit of work amidst the playtime. Cary and his dad turned over our garden plot and mixed in some mushroom manure for me, so it's all ready to go! They also worked out a plumbing issue. Linda (one of Cary's sisters) and her little Lydia joined us on Thursday evening bringing our numbers to ten, and the child tally to five under five. If you think about that for a minute, you'll see that Cary and I were not outnumbered this week! We had one child to every adult the whole time! Sam arrived on Friday to complete the party. Lydia loved playing with her cousins, but didn't want her mom out of her sight for long until Sunday when she didn't mind so much.

We got to celebrate Cary's birthday with a nice picnic at my parents' house. The girls may have been mildly confused having two sets of Grandmas and Grandpas there, but one thing's for certain: they've been surrounded by lots of love! We had more bubble-blowing fun, some pantomimes by Cary's mom, and a sock hunt. (In case you're wondering what a sock hunt is: Cary had asked for just one thing for his birthday--new socks. Since I thought that was a pretty lame gift, I figured I'd make it into a fun activity for the kids. I rolled them up, stuck a bow on each one, and hid them in the yard for the kids to find and deliver to Cary. They had a blast! I also hid some small things in some of the socks for Cary to find.) Here are some photos from the picnic:

Gwyn and Lydia Maddie

Uncle Sam and Everett

Uncle Sam and Everett

Gma C pantomime

Gramma C's Pantomime

captive audience: Maddie, Lydia, Gwyn, Lana, and me

A "Captive" Audience

Everett sock hunt Lana sock hunt

The Sock Hunt

IMG_8851 Precious Children

Precious Children (Lydia, Gwyn, Maddie, Lana, and Everett in back)

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Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Looks like such a fun week! Those are darling pictures. I love the giant bubbles.. i bet the kids had fun with that.