Saturday, May 24, 2008

I need a makeover.

I often have an idea or two for something I'd like to write about during the day, but by the time the children are in bed, I don't want to do the thinking required to actually carry out my ideas. I want to shut off my brain and just rest--perhaps stare at a wall for a few minutes. But at some point, before the details get too much foggier, I really want to write about our triplet pregnancy and NICU experience, as well as those first few crazy months with four little ones.

Well yesterday I decided I'm starting to look old and style-less. I haven't been sleeping enough, and took a picture of myself that kind of scared me. So instead of writing or doing other useful activities, I decided to pamper myself a bit (except with sleep, which is what I really need). I had a soak and did a facial mask for the first time ever. I don't know if it did anything, but it felt nice. Then I got online and started looking for haircut ideas. I have always felt rather clueless about what style will look good on me, and often ask the hairdresser to choose for me (which is often unadvisable considering the styles they choose for themselves). Sometimes I start out with something that looks great and then let it grow out so that it's just not flattering.

Anyway, last night as I was wasting time searching online, I found something really fun. This site has one of those programs where you can upload a photo of yourself and give yourself an online makeover. I think I was playing around with it for at least 30 min. This is one of the "looks" I came up with:

hair idea 2

I don't know if my hair would actually DO that (and those bangs might just drive me crazy), but what do YOU think? Please leave a comment if you have an opinion. If you'd like a point for comparison, you can look at the slideshow at the end of this post.


Six-Pack Momma said...

I think you should go for it. I need a change, too! Maybe I'll give that a try!

chelsea said...

cute hair indeed. i always try to ask the hair dresser to pick a style for me and they never will. i really like having bangs because it gives hair a point of interest. however they do kind of bug me. i usually keep them long enough to tuck behind an ear if i need to... does that defeat the purpose?

Lala said...

Mandy tu es superbe ! cette frange et cette coupe de cheveux te vont super bien !