Thursday, May 15, 2008

I was a cool Mom today.

I figure that I'm a cool mom about once a month or so. Usually I do boring things like dishes and laundry, so I decided that since I actually did something fun today I'd better write about it. This is "Everett"... and Everett with Everett.

DSC00494 Everett puppet DSC00497 Everett with Everett puppet

Everett and I made this scary-looking sock puppet today. He chose the buttons and yarn, and helped me cut things. He wanted the hair to be as long as his, and wanted to name him "Everett". We had a puppet show after dinner, which had the girls giggling hysterically. It involved lots of eating, burping, and "excuu-u-uuse me!" Here's a picture Everett took of me... and Everett:

DSC00498 Everett's picture of Mama

Today was also Lana's first weekly therapy visit at the Children's Institute. It was really more of a consultation than therapy this time, but I'm encouraged by what I've seen so far. There was a point months ago where Lana would drink about 2 oz. per feeding with a straw (and every once in a blue moon she'd drink five and almost bowl me over), but we had a major setback after which she completely refused to drink anything by straw. Today we tried a Rubbermaid container with a straw, and Lana drank about 4 oz. of her Nutren--by herself! In less than 10 minutes! Maybe it was the novelty. Maybe it was the setting. Maybe the timing. Maybe we are being blessed, and she'll do it again! She's getting sick (Gwyn sounds like she might have croup), but we'll keep praying and see how it goes. We're hoping to gradually increase what she'll drink independently (and without movie distraction) and then completely eliminate syringe feedings. It's hard to believe that I've been feeding her this way for well over a year!


At dinner, Cary was teaching the girls about "guys" and "ladies". He had Gwyn look at pictures and say "Lady" or "Guy." Cary then told her that I was a lady. She said "No! Mama." And Cary isn't a guy either. He is most irrevocably "Dada" in Gwyn's mind. I guess we should feel really special. Gwyn has also decided that she's my buddy. I ask her if she's my sweet girl and she says "No! Buddy."

It's nice that the girls are starting to communicate really well. At snack time, Maddie informed me: "Mouth hurts today." I'm proud of my little talkers.

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HappyStretchedThin said...

You're a cool mom EVERY day, Mandy!